Seed Germination Service

As well as germinating and selling our own brand and our competitors' brands of seedling plugs, Zaptia Nursery provide a germination service for farmers wishing to supply their own seeds.

The nature of agriculture's seasonality means that there is only a short limited window of opportunity by which the farmer must plant his seeds. Having established ourselves as a leading professional nursery for seed germination, farmers entrust their valued seeds to us knowing that they will receive a healthy seedling at the right size and at exactly the right time for planting.

By letting the Zaptia Nursery concentrate on its profession the art of the timely, healthy & economical seed germination we take away this time-sensitive, tricky and costly worry - and let the farmer concentrate on other matters.

Today, the top international F1 hybrid seed brands are high cost products. Farmers prefer not to gamble with their high cost seeds and their livelyhood. We reduce the high risk of the farmer missing out on a whole season and the loss of a year. We save the farmer time, money stress and worry. That is why today many professional farmers have made the Zaptia Nursery as their number one choice for seed germination.

We understand that varying soil & climatic conditions etc mean that many of the world's top quality seeds will perform differently in the various areas of Libya. By germinating individual farmers' personal favourit seeds, we provide a full professional and independent seed germination service.

Free Advisory Service for Farmers

We regularly interact with farmers for feedback and provide a free technical advisory service on all matters agricultural.

We keep up to date with the latest advances in the seed industry by working closely with our international partners and by regularly attending international trade fairs. We are continually testing new samples from new international sources as part of our extensive annual seeds-testing programme.

International Consultants and Market Research

Our European educational background and our close relationship with international companies mean that we are well placed to provide advice to international companies wishing to enter the Libyan market place.

We are able to provide market research, introductions and contacts, act as guides, interpreters, translators, advisors etc on all matters in the Libyan agricultural sector. Please visit our market research, training and consultancy arm:






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